Pleasure to meet you, my name is Valérie Perridon and I am an Experience Designer looking for a job in Singapore.

I am specialized in concept development, service design, gamification and experience design. My portfolio can be categorized as innovative, daring and positive, with a social twist. I am ambitious, enthusiastic, open to new experiences and very, very eager to learn. Since graduating in advertising and gamification at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam the Netherlands, I have started up a part time business of my own, called Luden’s Lab. This design studio is all about developing educational games to tackle social issues.

Nevertheless – due to my international ambitions and the fact that my boyfriend has a longterm position in Singapore – I am urgently looking for a full time job in the design industry in Singapore.

Concept Development

Service Design


Experience Design


In February 2015, an article I wrote about my project ‘The Sky is the Limit’ was published in the Beyond Social Magazine. This publication is an extension of our talk at the Beyond Social event.

Education & awards

After my Pre-university Education (topic areas: Economy and Society), I studied at The Willem de Kooning Academy. In art school my major was advertising and in my last year I specialized in gamification and social design. For the project ‘The Sky is the Limit my team and I got rewarded with the award ‘Best Practice 2015’.