Ik ben homo

Ik ben homo

From the moment your child is born, an unconditional love is established. When a child turns out to be gay on a later age, however, many parents don’t exactly react in a loving way. Quite hypocritical, because research shows that sexual preference is something you’re born with. In the Netherlands, around 39% of all parents react this way. For a country that claims to be LGBT-tolerant, that’s quite a lot.

‘Ik ben homo’ (I am gay) is a campaign for SIRE where infants tell their parents that they’re gay. The campaign also includes a hashtag and an app, where tolerant parents can show their support. With this campaign, I like to raise awareness about the fact that being gay isn’t something that appears out of thin air.

(This is a Dutch campaign. For the translated images please click here)

Client          Stichting Ideële Reclame
Research    Motherboard | Pnas
Year             2013