The Sky is the Limit

The Sky is the Limit

Imagine a ten year old child with a gun in one hand, a joint in the other. Astonishing right? In South Africa it’s not. Children in poor areas can’t imagine a real and prosperous life for themselves, so they take on the only life they think possible: a life in a gang. A life full of crime and death.

With my business Luden’s Lab, I went to Africa and created ‘The Sky is The Limit’. A board game to make South African children aware of their future prospects and the consequences of gangs. Children learn to invest in themselves and learn to get the career they always dreamed of – in the game, but also in real life. During the game, they also have to take the gang into account. They can offer loads, but the gang does have its consequences.

Client              NICRO South Africa
Year                 2016

UPDATE: After having a successful Kickstarter funding, we’re now weeks away from launching our game in South Africa. Also, a Dutch version of ‘The Sky is the Limit’ is on its way!